This AccuStudio tutorial is a course designed to teach the fundamentals of visualization using AutoCAD with AccuRender.

There are six courses, broken up into thirteen sections. Each course requires approximately two hours to complete. In addition to this printable material, there are AutoCAD drawings and AccuStudio material libraries referenced in some examples. If you have any technical questions or comments regarding this course, please CLICK HERE to contact AccuStudio.

Each Course may be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) and/or a Microsoft Word file (.doc). Free viewers for these file types are available atwww.adobe.com and www.microsoft.com, respectively.

Please see the Appendix for acknowledgements, credits, and copyright information.

Tutorial Table of Contents (course-toc.pdf  / course-toc.doc)

Course One: AutoCAD 3D Basics (course-1.pdf  / course-1.doc)

Section One: Overview of the Visualization Process

  • Project Work-Planning
  • Project Presentation Types

Section Two: Project Organization

  • Directory Structure
  • File Naming
  • Layer Guidelines

Section Three: Understanding Coordinate Systems

  • The User Coordinate System
  • Viewing Objects in Three-Space
  • Defining a UCS
  • UCSICON Command Options
  • UCS Command Options
  • UCS Control Dialogue Box
  • UCS Follow System Variable
  • Other UCS Icons

Section Four: Defining Perspective views

  • Create a Basic Interior Perspective
  • Advanced Perspective Options

Course Two: AutoCAD 3D Object Creation and Editing (course-2.pdf  / course-2.doc)

Section Five: Three-dimensional Object Creation and Manipulation

  • Wireframes
  • Surfaces
  • Solids
  • Polygon Count
  • Editing and Manipulation

Section Six: Create a Model from Scratch

  • Set Up The Drawing
  • Create Walls, Floor, and Ceiling Objects
  • Modify And Manipulate the Room
  • Insert 3d Door, Window, and Entourage
  • Set Up the Final Views

Course Three: AccuRender Introduction (course-3.pdf  / course-3.doc)

Section Seven: AccuRender Introduction

  • What is AccuRender
  • Capabilities
  • Introduction to the Dialogue Interface

Section Eight: Overall Rendering Workflow

  • Open A Drawing
  • Set the View
  • Assign Materials
  • Place Lights
  • Calculate the Radiosity Solution
  • Analyze the Lighting
  • Raytrace the Final Rendering

Course Four: AccuRender Materials (course-4.pdf  / course-4.doc)

Section Nine: Working with Materials

  • Managing Materials
  • Material Properties
  • Material Editing
  • Bitmapped Materials

Section Ten: Assigning Materials

  • Material Assignment Methods
  • Positioning and Scaling Materials

Course Five: AccuRender Lighting (course-5.pdf  / course-5.doc)

Section Eleven: Light Source Types

  • Natural Light Sources
  • Artificial Light Sources: Light Fixtures
  • Artificial Light Sources: Idealized Lights

Course Six: AccuRender Advanced Rendering and Post-Processing (course-6.pdf  / course-6.doc)

Section Twelve: Radiosity Settings

  • Radiosity Basics
  • Radiosity Parameters
  • General Rules For Radiosity
  • Section Thirteen: Raytracing Settings
  • Raytracing Basics
  • Raytracing Parameters
  • General Rules For Raytracing

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