There are a couple of things that need clarifying about the updated builds that are released from time to time at the www.accurender.com web site. The first common misconception is that you have to install all of the previous builds before you can install the latest. This is not true - in fact each new build contains the same files as the last, so the same files are replaced. You only have to install the very latest update if you have to re-install the software.

It is also quite possible to downgrade your version of AccuRender if you need to, just by installing a previous upar3.exe file. It is good practice to keep all of the upar3.exe files you download, renaming them to upar3_buildxxx.exe after you have used them. This way you can easily go back to a previous build. Having said that, it is very rare indeed for an update to cause problems, so installation of the newest update is very safe.

One useful application for downgrading is to convert your AccuRender 3.1 back to AccuRender 3.0 Certain people have found the slightly higher resource requirements too difficult to swallow and opt to go back to the CD release. Unfortunately, the version on the CD has several problems and it is usually necessary to update to a later build. If you still have build 223 on your hard drive, you are fine because this was the last version of AccuRender before the switch to 3.1. If not, you are in luck because McNeel still have the update file at their ftp site. You can download it from this link:

AccuRender 3.0 Build 223

rev 06.5.01   ::   For more information visit www.accustudio.com

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