The Symbols Library is the key feature of ArchSymb. There are over 500 2-D symbols that can be inserted using ArchSymb. These symbols can be inserted through the ArchSymb pulldown menu, Toolbars or the Symbols Library manager. If there are multiple sizes to a symbol, ArchSymb will display a dialog box of common sizes and an option for a user size. The ArchSymb pulldown menu now supports MRU (Most Recently Used), the menu will remember the last 4 commands that were retrieved from the pulldown.

In ArchSymb 6 the Symbol Catalog menu has been completely rewritten. It is similar to previous version, but with this rewrite, it will load catalogs faster and it is easier to navigate. A 9 slide preview, complete catalog listing and the ability to preview the slide before insertion. The tree menu similar is to Windows File Explorer with all of the ArchSymb and User symbol libraries, and it will remember the last catalog used. It still maintains the ability to add and your own symbols, catalogs, divisions and sections.

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