What would a marketplace be without giveaways? Here you will find a number of items free for the taking. Download as much as you like, and if you know of a good freebie that you don't see here, let us know about it and we'll see about getting it included on our page. Send your favorites to us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • AutoCAD menu file : Put together by GeneK and Andy le Bihan which will add an AccuRender toolbar and pulldown menu to AutoCAD. Installation instructions are available for printing.
  • LREN.LSP : Created by Andy le Bihan, a layer renaming utility for standardization of layer name prefixes. Used at accustudio for model preparation.
  • Fast Movie Processor : Shareware for stringing together frames into an AVI. Product name has been changed to VideoMach. Fully functioning demo.
  • Flicker Free : PAEditor, a cheap, shareware timeline based AVI editor. Fully functioning demo.
  • File Renaming Tools: Several file renaming utilities for renaming or renumbering files. Great for renaming those single-frame animations.
  • Main Concept : Mainactor, also a cheap, shareware AVI editor. Fully functioning demo, however output video includes watermark.
  • Hyperionics : HyperCam, a screen cam useful for making animations from panoramas. Fully functioning demo.
  • RAD Game Tools : Bink video compressor Renum : Animation utility, providing automatic renumbering of single image frames.
  • Panorama Tools : Plug-in for Photoshop and other software that can use them.
  • Lake free applet : Java applet for turning your boring water texture into an amazing animated rippling lake.
  • LFD.LSP: Utility to remove bulky layer filters from your drawing.
  • Grow.LSP: Scale objects by scale factor. Use negative numbers to shrink
  • RCH.LSP: Rotates Cross-Hairs (snapang) to match selected entity.
  • DIET.LSP: Routine to reduce vertexes of a polylines (lwpoly)
  • AAR.LSP: Angular ARray. Copy objects at a specified angle. PWIDTH.LSP: A routine to change the width of a group of Polylines
  • II.LSP & III.LSP: Utilities to control visibility of the UCS icon. II toggles UCSICON on and off and III toggles UCSICON to UCS origin.
  • PR.LSP: Partial Regeneration. Regen only selected objects.


  • LOUVRE.LSP : lisp routine that will create a louver style window. Note that you must keep OSNAP off when using this routine.
  • M2S.LSP : Useful lisp that will convert any mesh to a solid. Version 2b, by Bill Gilliss.
  • F2S.LSP : F2S.lsp, a companion to M2S.lsp. It creates a 3D solid from a set of faces, like a TIN. by Bill Gilliss.
  • LV.LSP : 3D contour lisp program often asked for.
  • ADIRT99.LSP: Another utility to create a mesh from Contour/Topo lines.
  • PXT.LSP : Takes two polylines and extrudes the first around the second, creating a polyface mesh. MR45.LSP : Allows the user to Mirror object(s) around any point given.
  • IMPORT.LSP : Export and import views from one drawing to another.
  • CLEAN.LSP : CLEAN otherwise "un-erasable" trash from drawing. Make sure to read the notes at the beginning of the routine.
  • MESHOUT.LSP : Converts 3d objects into meshes. Will also join meshes together.
  • PARK.LSP: This program automates the layout of rows of right-angle parking spaces . Great for site planning/layout work. Automatically calculates the required stall width above a specified minimum, to fit the maximum number of stalls into the specified area.
  • fa2pf.LSP: Convert A Selection Set Of 3DFaces To A PFace Mesh.
  • DAP.LSP : Dynamic array polar. Works wonders.
  • zipTailors.zip : Slice and union for 3d faces and meshes. You can download a local copy, or you can go direct to the site www.polyface.de
  • CRPOV.LSP: A routine to Create a Point Of View. Similar to Accurenders "Pick Perspective".


  • AR3DPI.LSP: Simple AR3 Units to Pixel converter (uses DPI)
  • 3D Cafe : Free models galore! You may have to sift through some junkers, but you can't beat the selection.
  • CADalog ShareWare Web Site : Tons of blocks, lisp, etc. Some are outdated but sometimes you may find a gem...who knows?
  • Avalon : The original public 3D archive.
  • 3dplants.com : Free 3D models of many plant varieties, including grass, vines and shrubs. DXF format, large file sizes (approx. 900K).
  • Ledalite : Great site which includes lighting fixtures in 3DS and DXF format.
  • 3D total : Free models in various formats and a small collection of textures.
  • Autodesk VIZable Manufacturer Listings : A listing of manufacturers with 3D Studio VIS compliant models. Although the models are not much use for AccuRender, there are many links to manufacturer's bitmaps used for texture mapping.
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