Registered users of ArchSymb 5.x may download this full version to update to 5.5 for a small fee. The latest build 5.6.237 includes support for AutoCAD 2017. Other minor fixes and features include:

Build 237
Support for AutoCAD 2017
Updated ODCL & Palettes for AutoCAD 2017 compatibility

Build 236
Fixed JOIN (JN) infinite looping on initial run
Added Printer Full & Half size CTB files (found in Template Folder)

Build 235
Added missing ADA Details

Build 234
Support for AutoCAD 2016
Updated AS5.6 Logos
Added missing Center Pivot Door
Fixed DDEDIT bug in TAGS for 2016
Changed shortcut name for REVCLOUD (RVC) and JOIN (JN)

Build 233
LW Display toggle on Drawing Setup
Plot Style Toggles on Drawing Setup
Fix Schedule Bug when ArchSymb is installed in 'Programs Files' in windows 7/8
Added Run Once VLX to assist with install of paths and APPLOAD

Build 232
Fixed AS5.5 Logos
Fixed VSetup growing list
Updated all ODCL to v8

Build 231
Added 2015 Menus  - 5/11/2014
Fixed Schedules AST  - 5/11/2014
Updated Install Screen to 5.5  - 5/10/2014
Splash Screen to 5.5  - 5/9/2014

Build 230
Copied 5.2 to 5.5  - 5/7/2014

Build 229
Experiments with creating Mac Version, Build 229 abandoned

Build 228
Updated to OpenDCL v7
Copied 5.1 to 5.2

Build 227
Fixed Plant Library insertion bug from ArchSymb palette
Added Vending Machines to ArchSymb Palette (Furn > Equip)

Build 226
Fixed HPLayer bug in Ceiling Grids for 2011/12

Build 225
Updated ODCL to current veriosn

Added auto-hide to ArchSymb pallete - 10/1/2010
Fixed Annotative dimscale bug in drawing setup - 10/1/2010
Fixed Recessed Down light insertion bug - 10/1/2010
Fixed Annotative dimscale bug in drawing setup - 10/1/2010
Fixed CLIP bug to work with LWPOLYLINE - 10/1/2010

Build 224
Fixed Keynote bug

Build 223
Fixed Door Jamb size bug
Fixed Multi-Elevation Annotative scale bug

Build 222
Support for AutoCAD 2010

Build 221
Updated ArchSymb Config to ODCL 5.0
Updated Structural Steel to ODCL 5.0

Build 220
Moved ArchSymb docker to ODCL Palette


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