Really nothing new, except major updates to get it running on the newer versions of AutoCAD. Support is now available for versions 2014 through 2017. If time permits, I will look into restoring the demand load and adding some of the other features on the to do list. The download file is at Marketplace > coMotion > coMotion 2.0

For the few out there that continue to use ArchSymb. Another patch has been posted, version 237. This will provide support through AutoCAD 2017. To download the patch go to Marketplace > ArchSymb > ArchSymb Patch. 

I had a better than expected response for creating an update to ArchSymb. The good news is ArchSymb 5.5 is ready for purchase and download. This version of ArchSymb has over a dozen bug fixes and even a couple of new features.

Welcome back and welcome new comers. It really isn't that new, just fresh new look. The past 3 months have been spent revisiting the look, layout, code, software and usability of Accustudio. Accustudio still strives to be the best resource for Accurender needs.

The first Revit model has been posted to AccuStudio!

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