Say What? That's right, I have been busy working on a new release of the the 2D drafting tool for AutoCAD... ArchSymb. It has been close to 10 years since the release of a major version. ArchSymb 5.0 was released December 2007. There have been 6 versions of this release. So with 2017 upon us and interest in several new features, ArchSymb 6.0 was born.

I've had several items on the wish list wist for some time. These include:

Some of the improvements & bug fixes include:

Our goal is to release this by Mid April. If the next version of AutoCAD and ODCL come out prior to the release of ArchSymb 6.0 we will consider including those. Upgrades will be $129 and new licenses still $295. About the same time ArchSymb is released, we will have the new secure shopping cart online.