Welcome back and welcome new comers. It really isn't that new, just fresh new look. The past 3 months have been spent revisiting the look, layout, code, software and usability of Accustudio. Accustudio still strives to be the best resource for Accurender needs.

This started with a major hack on another site I manage. Realizing that AccuStudio using the older version of the CMS was at the end of it's life cycle. So, to plug some holes, a new download manager was purchased for Objects and some other content.

My focus for 2016 is going to be Revit content. I have a collection of models and with the new download manager, it should be easy to get them online. The one model has proved to be very popular.

We are down to just a couple of features left to fully implement. The AR benchmark, scores and Revit content. If there is a feature we overlooked, don't hesitate to ask.

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