We are excited to announce the release of ArchSymb. With a complete revisit of the code and improved stability. This is our best ArchSymb yet. You can purchase or upgrade by visiting the online store. Thanks to everyone for their continued support of ArchSymb!

New Blocks, Symbols & Routines

  • Support for AutoCAD 2007 through 2018
  • Updated ArchSymb Docker, which includes Setup, Symbols, Layer, Ceilings, Doors, Windows, Schedules, Walls and Tags.
  • New Masonry Units under Structural symbols
  • Enhanced List Editor and customization
  • Startup Tips and Tricks
  • Updated ArchSymb OSNAP reactor in the docker. Docker can be closed without looping
  • Updated ArchSymb preferences accessed in the AutoCAD options dialog
  • Updated Help Menu
  • All bug fixes from previous 5.x builds corrected and incorporated, including new fixes. 

Improved Tags & Titles

  • New Keynotes manager

ArchSymb Docker Improvements

  • Setup Manager

1. LW Styles can be turned on for PaperSpace

2. PlotStyles ON/OFF

3. Polar Toggle

  • Layer Manager

1. Multiselect layers and load them together. 


  • Updated Space Planning tools.
  • New Area Generator Tools. 

ArchSymb Enhancements

  • Latest ODCL 8.x compatability with Windows 10 and AutoCAD 2018
  • More features demand load to speed up AutoCAD
  • Removed dependency of File Paths
  • Moved Borders out of Template to a sub folder for easy access
  • Expanded ArchSymb Preferences that are now access from AutoCAD Options dialog
  • Moved Menus out of root into sub-folder
  • New AS6_VAR.LSP is all you need to get ArchSymb running


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