We are excited to announce the release of ArchSymb. With a complete revisit of the code and improved stability. This is our best ArchSymb yet. You can purchase or upgrade by visiting the online store. Thanks to everyone for their continued support of ArchSymb!

Say What? That's right, I have been busy working on a new release of the the 2D drafting tool for AutoCAD... ArchSymb. It has been close to 10 years since the release of a major version. ArchSymb 5.0 was released December 2007. There have been 6 versions of this release. So with 2017 upon us and interest in several new features, ArchSymb 6.0 was born.

I've been promising this for 3 years now. The first Revit Model was posted July 2002, the Abolite Lighting Kit for Revit 4.5. Then Accustudio hit a real dry spell when it came to Revit. The second model came in October of 2013. Now I've been busy going through my collection of Models (Families) created by me and posting them. All of the new models are based on 2014 (or later). You will note the version number. Over the next month, plan on seeing more models.... and spread the word.

Welcome to AccuStudio 2016... It wasn’t my intent to do any major updates. However, the web has a way of forcing your hand. Last April, Accustudio got hacked. So, I decided it was time to implement the latest version of the CMS (We use Joomla, for anyone who want to put together a web site). I spent the next 8 months putting the content back together. As I did this, I realized just how much history there is in Accurender and Accustudio.

As I have been 'retraining' myself to get back to coMotion 2.0. I took some time to look at the Accustudio Render Layers. Good news it I did some simple modifications and got it to work with current Versions of AutoCAD (2014 to 2017). The older versions of AutoCAD should still work, I just don't have anyway to test it. Well, if I fire up my old computer, I could probably look at versions back to 2004. But that is for another time... CLICK HERE to jump to the page. Happy Rendering!

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