Here are past Editors (in alphabetical order):

Kamal Birdi (Editor) is a CG Architect for AJ Visions, part of A Janahi Architects Bahrain/S Africa. Loves to sketch, design, render and take photographs of everything. Born on the little sunny island of Bahrain, schooled in an Italian convent under a British curriculum and of Indian descent – go figure. Is a die-hard supporter of the Norwich C. Canaries & Sampdoria,Genova. Is a big fan of & grateful to the amazingly friendly and informative AccuRender NG where he learnt so many of his tricks of trade.
Pascal Golay (Editor)
Jon Jonas (Editor) is a Systems Manager, CAD Tutor, DJ, Web Designer, ACAD expert & Renderer. He's worked with AutoCAD since 1984 - before there was a 3rd dimension to render. He currently lives just north of San Francisco, CA and works for a medium sized architectural firm, and when he's not in the woods hiking, he also runs his own side business doing rendering, tutoring and drafting, as well as working for Autodesk as a usability tester and teaching AutoCAD at a Junior College.
Ernesto Lacalle (Editor) is an architect crazy about the 3rd dimension, searching for other dimensions. His small company specializes in modeling and rendering for architectural offices in BA. Born in the freezing S.C. de Bariloche, he lives in the warm and wet Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loves photography.
  Sam Pollock (Editor/Creative Consultant) is not an architect and doesn't plan on becoming one. When stationary was being printed for his day-job, the printers wouldn't print business cards without titles, so he borrowed a made-up one from a friend and is now "Head of Creative Media" at his firm. (He still hasn't figured out quite what that is yet.) When not reading the AccuRender newsgroup, answering emails or attempting to fix computer problems, he uses AccuRender to create images and animations. He has been using AccuRender since 1997 on a daily basis. He lives in Darvel, Scotland with his wife, no childeren and no dogs.

Hector Rojas (Editor)
Christopher Zoog (Editor)