Here are the founders bios (in alphabetical order):

  Craig Andersen (Founder) is a recent college graduate trying to juggle work as a landscape designer, learning mountaineering, and traveling to Europe. In the miniscule amount of time left after the above, Craig is working to expand the landscape visualization capabilities of AccuRender. Currently, he is living in Spokane Washington while waiting to obtain his state licensure as a Landscape Architect. 
  Tom Clawges (Founding Editor) is a Mechanical Engineer who specializes in product development consulting for the semiconductor industry. He enjoys cycling, swimming, and creating renderings in his spare time, and is also a known gadget freak. Tom resides in Pleasanton CA, USA, in San Francisco's East Bay region.
  Alan Dooley (Founder) is an architect in Nashville, Tennessee, USA who designs residential and small commercial buildings as well as creating computer presentations. He creates renderings, animations, pans, and VR, and knows a few tricks with Archt, livepicture panoramas, and Adobe Premiere. In his free time he plays with his children, rides his bicycle, and sleeps.
  Christopher Gerber (Founding Editor) is an architectural designer specializing in communicating design through digital media. After studying architecture and philosophy at the University of Arizona, he went back to the beach in San Diego, California to ensure himself a proper balance between the built environment and the natural one.
  Andy le Bihan (Founding Editor) is an architect and software developer living in Turku, Finland. Originally from Jersey, Channel Islands, he curiously decided that paying 4x the tax and putting up with temperatures below -25C was a good idea. He lives in a log house with his wife and two daughters, and no dogs..
  Renee Vallieres (Founder) is a self taught computer graphic artist, doing freelance modeling and rendering for architects and designers. She lives in a small town near Montreal, Canada, with her husband and two sons, where she enjoys the cold and crisp morning of the Canadian winters, and the short but sweet summer evening.

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