Here are the bios of the current team (in alphabetical order):

Daniel Hargreaves (Editor) is an Architect and registered accessibility specialist. He started with Accurender from the beginning, purchasing the 0.9 beta and has been using AutoCAD since 1988. In 1991, he thought he would leave architecture and go into software development. Not being able to feed his wife and three children, he left Phoenix, AZ and moved to Dallas, TX in 1992 and returned to architecture. He continues to practice architecture and on the side still develops add-on software for AutoCAD along with web design for several websites. Daniel is the one on the left. No wait, the right. His dog's name is Niko.
Kevin Lockwood (Editor) by day, is an Engineering Technician for a growing Southern California city. By night, he is an associate in a small architectural design firm. Kevin lives near Joshua Tree, CA, where he practices his two favorite hobbies, Rock Climbing and playing Drums. Kevin spends his spare time with wife; 2 horses; and 3 dogs, including Joey, the world famous Render Dog.
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