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  • About Us

    AccuStudio was created to fill a niche between Robert McNeel and Associates' great online newsgroup, and their increasing number of AccuRender® power users. It is maintained by people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and agendas. If you have any thoughts on how to make this an ever better resource base for AccuRender users, drop us a note.

    We are dedicated to making this site a one-stop shop for making an excellent rendering product even better. People have often asked who is behind accustudio. Well, since accustudio's inception, faces have changed. Editors have "grown up" and found greater responsibility in the real world (wherever that is), and new editors have risen in an attempt to fill the voids.

    So, here are the bios of the Founders, without whom, there would be no accustudio. The bios of Former editors who have helped carry the torch along the way, and those of the current editors (so you know who to blame when nothing happens).

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