The ArchSymb StatusButtonBar - OSNAP places 13 buttons in the status bar, for easy access to the current state of your running OSNAP. This program does not require ArchSymb to run, but will only work with AutoCAD 2000 or higher. CLICK HERE to download the SBB OSNAP Installer.

Steps to install the VLX:

  - Run the SBB_OSNAP.EXE to install the VLX & associated files
  - Add SBB_OSNAP.VLX to your startup suite.
To get the Button Bar to startup automatically, add the SBB_OSNAP.VLX file to your startup suite.

  1. Start AutoCAD.
  2. Select Load Application under the Tools pulldown menu or type APPLOAD at the command prompt.
  3. Click the Contents button of the "Startup Suite"
  4. Click on the Add Button.
  5. Go to the Status Button Bar folder (C:\Program Files\ArchSymb StatusButtonBar OSNAP\) and select SBB_OSNAP.VLX, then click Add.
  6. Click on the Close Button of the Startup Suite.
  7. Click on the Close Button of Load Application.


  • Version 1.0 6/12/2005 - First public release of Status Button Bar - OSNAP
  • Version 1.1 6/14/2005 - Fixed MDI use and Startup suite bug
  • Version 1.2 6/20/2005 - Fixed Tooltip bug, added commands SBBload & SBBrelease for manual loading and release
  • Version 1.3 6/24/2005 - Added OSMODE reactor, buttons will change state as OSNAP changes
  • Version 1.4 2/15/2008 - Updated AcadStatButton.DLL for support of AutoCAD R2000-R2008
Download this file (sbb_osnap.exe)sbb_osnap.exe[ArchSymb StatusButtonBar]526 kB
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