The ArchSymb NumPad is a dockable numbers bar similar to the to one on the old digitizer tablets. This program does not require ArchSymb to run, but will only work with AutoCAD 2000 or higher. To download the NumBar scroll to the bottom of the page.

Steps to install the VLX:

* After you download NUMPAD.EXE.
* Run the NUMPAD.EXE to install the VLX & associated files
* Run the INSTALL_NUMPAD.LSP to add the NUMPAD path to AutoCAD.

If you are an ArchSymb User, the install file will add NumPad to the MACRO.LSP.

Non-ArchSymb users will need to load the NUMPAD.VLX before it will run. You can do this by Drag-n-Drop from Windows Explorer to AutoCAD. Or add the NUMPAD.VLX to your Startup Suite. To do this type APPLOAD at the command prompt and click on "Contents" then click "Add..." then navigate to the location of your NUMPAD.VLX file and select it then click "Add...", click "Close" and once again click "Close"

To run the program type NUMPAD at the command prompt. A dockable dialog will appear 

Download this file (numpad.exe)numpad.exe[A dockable numbers bar]784 kB
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