The AccuStudio Render Layer is a small application for AutoCAD to render one layer at a time with Accurender. This program  will only work with AutoCAD 2004 to 2017 and Accurender 4 or nXt. CLICK the Attachment Link below to download the AccuStudio Render Layer.

Steps to install the VLX:

You will need to load the RND_PLYR.VLX before it will run. You can do this by Drag-n-Drop from Windows Explorer to AutoCAD (The default path location is C:\Program Files\AccuStudio Layer Player). Or add the RND_PLYR.VLX to your Startup Suite. To do this type APPLOAD at the command prompt and click on "Contents" then click "Add..." then navigate to the location of your RND_PLYR.VLX file and select it then click "Add...", click "Close" and once again click "Close"

To run the program type RND_PLYR at the command prompt. A dialog will appear.

Getting Started

Access this URL ([AccuStudio Render Layer setup]22571 kB