** New material's for interior's tutorial **

Cartpet|Loop Pile|carpet, blue ptn05

Metals|Sheet|Plain Surface|Zinc|metal, zinc

Paint|Whites|white, gloss + rubble

Plastic|Sheet Vinyl|vinyl, white texture Plastic|Smooth Surface|Grays and Blacks|plastic, grey

Textile|General|Single Color|fabric, blue light weave

Wood|Veneer|Beech|veneer, SB, glossy

** New Folder VCT **
VCT|Adriatic Sands
VCT|Almond Leather
VCT|Antique Papyrus
VCT|Antique White
VCT|Armor Gray
VCT|Ash Gray
VCT|Babbling Brook
VCT|Bamboo Yellow
VCT|Band Blue
VCT|Basil Green
VCT|Blue Ash
VCT|Blue Cloud
VCT|Blue Spruce
VCT|Camel Beige
VCT|Canvas Beige
VCT|Cariobbean Blue
VCT|Cayenne Red
VCT|Chalk White
VCT|Charcoal Stick
VCT|Cherry Red
VCT|Cinnamon Brown
VCT|Clay Red
VCT|Coal Black
VCT|Coaster Griege
VCT|Cobblestone Peach
VCT|Cocoa Brown
VCT|Cool White
VCT|Cottage Tan
VCT|Curried Caramel
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