Brick and Ceramic|Unglazed Ceramic|Roofing,CLAYTILE

Concrete|Roofing Tiles|Roofing,Eagle Ponderosa 5689

Metals|Mesh|Stainless Steel|Wire Mesh 1x1 
Metals|Sheet|Embossed|Metal, Rust with bands
Metals|Sheet|Plain Surface|Brass, Unfinished
Metals|Sheet|Plain Surface|Steel, Galvanized
Metals|Sheet|Plain Surface|Aluminum|rough silver - panles
Metals|Sheet|Plain Surface|Chrome|Shiny metal + edge

Paint|Car Paint|Car Paint, Beige Paint|Car Paint|Car 
Paint, Dark Red Paint|Car Paint|Car Paint, Mazda Green
Paint|Car Paint|Car Paint, Titanium
Paint|Car Paint|Car Paint, White

Plaster|Smooth|Drywall -- Plastics|Corian|** 210 new materials Matte & Glossy ** Thanks, Brian MacDonald!

Plastics|Smooth Surface|Greens and Yellows|Hose 
Plastics|Smooth Surface|Greens and Yellows|Teatherball
Plastics|Smooth Surface|Whites|Tyvek Housewrap

Textile|General|Multiple Colors|newspaper

Wood|Fabricated|Sheathing - Graded 
Wood|Solid|Cedar, Utility Pole
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