The goal of accustudio Desktop is to simplify the installation of Materials, Plants and Maps. It also provides quick access to the main catagories of accustudio. To download the latest version the attachment link below (version 3.0).

NOTE: If you have Accustudio version 1.0, you will need to "Uninstall" it first before proceeding with installation of version 3.0. To uninstall version 1.0 (Start >> All Programs >> Accustudio Desktop >> Uninstall Accustudio Desktop). Once your old version has been removed, you may proceed with installation.

With the broken links in version 1 or 2, you must upgrade to version 3 to use the check for updates online function. Versions 1 or 2 are unable to check for updates anymore.

Version 3.0

The AccuStudio Desktop homepage. Click on the "Materials" tab to get the latest Materials & Maps. To access the the web site, simply click on the "AccuStudio On The Web" tab. Once you have Installed the Materials, the instructions for accessing them in Accurender are available in the top button "Setup Instructions" tab and select the version of AccuRender you have installed.

Download accustudio desktop, build 3.0 (2.90MB)