The key interface to ArchSymb 6 is the use of a dockable dialog. This docker has evolved from the early concept in ArchSymb 3.5 of a single docker for drawing setup. The first TAB implementation happened in ArchSymb 4 with 3 tabs, which included Setup, Symbols & Layers. Today, in ArchSymb 6, we continue to build on it with all of the commands made available through the docker. The ArchSymb 6 Docker automatically switches to the setup tab with the creation of a new drawing. This simplifies the creation of sheet size and drawing scale. You can also change the sheet size or drawing scale on the fly with DDSetup (the Drawing Setup) command. Also add your own border templates that meet your current needs, or modify any of the borders provided with ArchSymb. These borders can then be accessed through the Drawing Setup Docker.

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